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Belt Bucket Elevators
EH-N series Belt Bucket Elevators are suitable for vertical conveying of fine aggergates, such as calcium carbonate, lime, limestone, sludge, sand etc. In general, all dry materials having a particle size of less than 5mm can be handled provided they are non-abrasive, free-flowing, non-caking and show an angle of repose between 20 and 44. The material bulk density may vary between 0.4 and 1.8 kg/dm3. EH Bucket Elevators are characterised by low elevation speed (1.6 1.9m/s) and a low number of buckets per metre. ATEX II3D T4 certification available.
  • Bolted head, foot and intermediate casing sections to facilitate assembly and maintenance operations.
  • Elevata via di fuga in fase di scarico prodotto

EH-Series Bucket elevators are used in chemicals (to transport fertilizers), in cement-lime-gypsum, construction (asphalt and premixed) and in powder, granules, ashes handling and glass processing.