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Dockside Hoppers
The Dockside Hoppers T are designed to reduce the problem of air pollution due to total suspended dusts (TSD) (dusts, smoke and extremely tiny droplets present in the atmosphere, which are mostly produced by human activities. In the docks loading and unloading of bulk goods, which has become important since it is so versatile and economic is done with grab cranes and loading/unloading hoppers. This system however creates dust as the grab moves form the ship to the loading hopper, when the grab is open, when the material hits the walls of the hopper and when the material is unloaded from the hopper to the transport vehicle underneath. TB Dockside hoppers unloads through a wide opening.
  • Versatile and practical machine particularly suitable for port requirements
  • Modular, bolted system easy to assemble and transport
  • Hopper particularly efficient when it comes to de-dusting during loading/unloading operations, also in critical weather conditions.
  • Hopper suitable for handling a large variety of materials
  • Machine that allows subsequent implementations when required (weighing, control, dust removal systems, etc.)

  • Loading and unloading of bulk goods in the docks